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Sizing Guide


How to measure guidelines!
We recommend measuring your child’s foot before you buy a pair of shoes.¬†Measuring your child’s foot is easy to do and doesn’t take long!
Our age groups are based on an average size of children that age, but not all children’s feet are the same size. To get an accurate shoe size follow our instructions below!

  • You will need: A piece of paper, a pencil and a tape measure or ruler.
  • Tape the paper to floor so it doesn’t move, then stand your child on the paper.
  • Mark where your child’s longest toe is, and then the heel. Make sure your child’s foot is in the same place and hasn’t moved.
  • Measuring the distance between these lines (in CM) will give you the length of the child’s foot.
  • Check the foot length section on the size guide to get the correct shoe size.

Be sure to measure both feet, as it is common to have one foot slightly larger than the other. Use the measurements of the longest foot, then choose the size from the chart that relates to this figure.


Please note that our sizes are approximate and all children’s feet are different. Sizing also depends on the width of your child’s foot, some children have narrow or wide feet, these factors can affect the size shoe you will need. All size conversions from retailers are slightly different and vary depending on the retailer, our UK, EU and US conversions are approximate and for best fit we do advise measuring your child’s foot.

Legging sizing information

Our size guide offers measurements and age groups for all our leggings. Sizes may vary from our size guide, dependent on the design of the leggings, and our size guide can only offer an average size for babies of that age group. These measurements are for both our knitted and summer leggings, but please consider that our cotton summer leggings are ¬ĺ length, not full-length leggings.